Research has been done to learn what support children needed who had experienced childhood trauma and / or were living in economically challenged households. The conclusion of the research pinpointed that the support these children needed was the relationship with a caring adult mentor.

To give foster children the opportunity to have that relationship with a caring adult mentor while they journey through the foster care system and to raise awareness for our after foster care program Take Up Your Cross is excited to bring free introductory sports camps for foster children in the High Desert areas of Southern California starting in 2024 to use the power of sports to promote the discovery of Jesus to give every child the opportunity to thrive and succeed. We partner with community organizations, schools and foster care systems to help us meet foster children who could benefit most from our free sports camps. Team sports clearly demonstrates the importance of getting along with others and working together toward a common goal. Even when you do not bring home a win, you can still find more than one positive outcome. Kids learn to recognize ways to assist each other at doing their best. If you would like to be a volunteer instructor, donate sports equipment or refer a child who could benefit from our free sports camps please contact us for more information.