Kids helping Kids

$1.00 a month challenge

Every year, 4000 foster children age out of the system. 

In a survey of foster youth in California, over one-third of aged-out 21-year-old former foster youth experience homelessness. 

Take Up Your Cross, Inc serves foster youth exiting the system alone by providing mentorship, free bus pass and cell phone, affordable stable housing assistance and crucial life skills to bridge the gap of exiting the system alone and adulthood. 

Since getting started in 2021, we have seen that Former foster youth in California who said they have “enough” people to turn to are 44% less likely to later experience homelessness. A support system is a critical resource that may help foster youth avoid or reduce homelessness.

We believe that God calls us to put Proverbs 22:6 into action and you can join this work by praying for our non profit and by donating to our “Kids helping Kids” $1.00 a month donation challenge. Be the change you want to see in the world and watch it change your heart!!




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